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—This paper proposes a test methodology for dynamic specification testing of high-speed A/D converters on a low cost tester using alternate test approach. Dynamic specification testing of high-speed A/D converters requires high-speed ATE, the cost of which can be prohibitively high. In the proposed approach regression-based mapping functions are generated(More)
—Measurement of integral non-linearity (INL) and differential non-linearity (DNL) of an A/D converter using the histogram method incurs large test time. This test time can be a significant percentage of the total test time, especially for high resolution and low sampling-speed A/D converters. This paper describes a test methodology for measuring the INL and(More)
An efficient design for test methodology to increase the test yield of analog circuits is presented. It is assumed that the analog circuits are tested using alternate tests that replace conventional specification-based testing procedures. The proposed approach is a circuit reconfiguration scheme that changes the values of one or more circuit components(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I wish to thank Dr. Abhijit Chatterjee for continuous guidance during the course of my research. I remember every time I got stuck in a problem, he asked me to sit back, relax and rethink. His way of guidance gave me a lot of freedom to work on different projects and to take different routes to solve a problem. His support and encouragement(More)
– The presence of digital drivers in a mixed-signal circuit such as an A/D converter causes simultaneous switching noise or ground bounce noise on the load board. Coupling of this noise to the sensitive analog lines causes inaccuracy in the measurement of A/D converter linearity specifications. Unlike, the other sources of noise, the ground bounce noise is(More)