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Fungal biotechnology in food and feed processing.
Fungi are of excellent value nutritionally, and of great importance to vegetarians. Edible mushrooms are excellent sources of protein, have low-fat content and are free of cholesterol. They areExpand
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Purification and characterization of a thermostable intra-cellular beta-glucosidase with transglycosylation properties from filamentous fungus Termitomyces clypeatus.
An intra-cellular beta-glucosidase was purified to homogeneity by gel filtration, ion exchange chromatography and HPGPLC from mycelial extract of Termitomyces clypeatus in the presence of theExpand
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Interference of sugars in the Coomassie Blue G dye binding assay of proteins.
The presence of sugars causes significant deviation from the actual absorbance of proteins in the Bradford protein assay. In these studies, polysaccharides and disaccharides at milligram levelsExpand
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Enhanced activity and stability of cellobiase (beta-glucosidase: EC produced in the presence of 2-deoxy-D-glucose from the fungus Termitomyces clypeatus.
Generally less glycosylation or deglycosylation has a detrimental effect on enzyme activity and stability. Increased production and secretion of cellobiase was earlier obtained in the presence of theExpand
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Cellobiase from Termitomyces clypeatus: activity and secretion in presence of glycosylation inhibitors
In presence of the glycosylation inhibitors, 2-deoxy-d-glucose (1 mg/ml), tunicamycin (30 µg/ml), 1-deoxynojirimycin (30 µg/ml) and d-glucono-δ-lactone (1 mg/ml), total cellobiase activity, in theExpand
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Characterization of a Novel Low Molecular Weight Sucrase From Filamentous Fungus Termitomyces Clypeatus
Abstract An extracellular sucrase from the culture filtrate of filamentous basidiomycota Termitomyces clypeatus grown on high sucrose (5%, w/v) was purified by gel filtration chromatography, ionExpand
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In situ reversible aggregation of extracellular cellobiase in the filamentous fungus Termitomyces clypeatus
Cellobiase (E.C., is a widely exploited industrial glycosidase with a major role in biofuel industry. Its stability and shelf life are major bottlenecks in achieving a superior formulationExpand
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Comparative elucidation of properties of sucrase-cellobiase co-aggregate produced in media containing sucrose by Termitomyces clypeatus
Production profiles and characterization of the sucrase-cellobiase (S-C) co-aggregates from the filamentous fungus Termitomyces clypeatus were compared in media containing 1% and 5% sucrose toExpand
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Enhancement of extracellular cellobiase activity by reducing agents in the filamentous fungus Termitomyces clypeatus
Extracellular cellobiase activity of Termitomyces clypeatus increased from 2.9 U ml−1 to 4.4 and 4.1 in presence of dithiothreitol (DTT) and β-mercaptoethanol (ME), respectively, with a decrease inExpand
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Increased enzyme secretion by 2-deoxy-D-glucose in presence of succinate by suppression of metabolic enzymes in Termitomyces clypeatus.
Regulatory mode of secretion of proteins was detected for the industrial glycosidase, cellobiase, under secreting conditions (in presence of TCA cycle intermediates like succinate etc.) in theExpand
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