Shakti Prasad Mohanty

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In this paper we introduce a new interconnection network, the extended varietal hypercube with cross connection denoted by EVHC(n,k). This network has hierarchical structure and it overcomes the poor fault tolerant properties of extended varietal hypercube. This network has low diameter, constant degree connectivity and low message traffic density.
In the current age business establishments are basically depends upon advertisement to attain success. In this paper we consider different forms of advertisements then using rough set concept, we find the best possible forms of advertisement. To develop this concept we consider 1000 samples initially and applying correlation techniques the number reduces to(More)
Online frequency assignment for wireless cellular networks is one of the important research areas in recent time, where the geographical coverage area is divided into regular hexagonal regions called cells. Sequence of requests arrives over time to the cells that are headed by the base stations. Each of the requests is either a new call or a drop-call which(More)
The jute industries 10 to 15 years back especially in south Asian countries are bread and butter for the people belonging to middle and lower income group , now the scenario is completely different. In the present scenario jute is found to be expensive and not much useful as compared to other parallel packaging material available in the market due for this(More)
The college industry in particular private engineering college fail to survive because of proper planning. Once the student strength decreases, the proprietor of the college usually face huge financial loss. To avoid such loss and to sustain in the market we proposed an algorithm which is simple and it is based on rough set theory and then validate this(More)
Frequency Allocation Problem in wireless cellular networks is a major area of research in telecommunication industries. Since users of mobile phones are increasing exponentially, the existing limited frequency spectrum is unable to provide services efficiently. To enhance the performance of the networks, some measures must be taken to reduce drop call(More)
Frequency band in a spectrum consisting of multiple channels are opportunistically accessed by the secondary users (SUs) is studied. The channels allocated to the primary users (PUs) with license are also temporarily utilized by the unauthorized secondary users during the idle period of PUs. The state of each channel is modeled as a discrete-time Markov(More)