Shakthidhar Reddy Gopavaram

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The popularity of sensor networks and their many uses in critical domains such as military and healthcare make them more vulnerable to malicious attacks. In such contexts, trustworthiness of sensor data and their provenance is critical for decision-making. In this demonstration, we present an efficient and secure approach for transmitting provenance(More)
This paper describes a new method for narrative frame alignment that extends and supplements models reliant on graph theory from the domain of fiction to the domain of nonfiction news articles. Preliminary tests of this method against a corpus of 24 articles related to private security firms operating in Iraq and the Blackwater shooting of 2007 show that(More)
Automated cross-document comparison of narrative facilitates co-reference and event similarity identification in the retellings of stories from different perspectives. With attention to these outcomes, we introduce a method for the unsupervised generation and comparison of graph representations of narrative texts. Composed of the entity-entity relations(More)
Identifying similar narrative sections across longer documents would help identify key events within a corpus, enrich understanding of those events, provide a mechanism for organizing corpora according to their event content, and allow for bottom-up testing of theories of narrative. This paper proposes an automated method for narrative alignment across(More)
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