Shakre Elmane

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Much of the Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problem (DisCSP) solving research has addressed cooperating agents, and privacy was frequently mentioned as a significant motivation of the decentralization. While privacy may have a role for cooperating agents, it is easier understood in the context of self-interested utility-based agents, and this is the(More)
Privacy has been a major motivation for distributed problem optimization. However, even though several methods have been proposed to evaluate it, none of them is widely used. The Distributed Constraint Optimization Problem (DCOP) is a fundamental model used to approach various families of distributed problems. Here we approach the problem by letting both(More)
We focus on the problem of selecting reviewers (or raters) that are considered by a recommender system (or a user) under the aspect of security. Malicious reviewers can exert unreasonable influence, and can bias online consumers unfairly against an attacked item or competitor. This paper proposes an approach where a meta-recommender maximizes the aggregated(More)
Privacy has traditionally been a major motivation for distributed problem solving. Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problem (DisCSP) as well as Distributed Constraint Optimization Problem (DCOP) are fundamental models used to solve various families of distributed problems. Even though several approaches have been proposed to quantify and preserve privacy(More)
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