Shakir Ullah Shah

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In traditional computing system, user Authentication is dependent on four authentication factors i.e., Something You have (e.g., a hardware token/credit card), Something You are (e.g., a fingerprint), and Something You know (e.g., a password/PIN code) and Somebody You know. In this paper we explore new factor of Authentication, that is, Something You(More)
This paper proposes analysis technique for dynamic verification of APEX framework. APEX provides a list of permissions to a user to install software with some restrictions and user can also change these permissions at runtime. Model checking is a technique of formal verification to explore all possible paths with a large amount of inputs. Using this(More)
Router is an intermediate system which connects networks that might be heterogeneous. Installing and configuringthe router is very cumbersome and highly technical task. For academic purposes the router simulators are used to simulate the configuration process. In this paper we have studied the contemporary router simulators for their strengths and(More)
The security of multimedia systems is becoming extremely important nowadays. The huge growth of multimedia information, in different format with the rise of technology, and services influences the lifestyle of an individual and industry. Despite of recent progress in multimedia information security, accessing the information and online services require(More)
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