Shakila Jabeen

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In the last few years, kisspeptin-KISS1R signaling has appeared as a major regulator of the reproductive function in several vertebrate species. However, KISS1(encoding kisspeptin) and its putative receptor, KISS1R, are expressed in several other tissues. Adipose tissue, which secretes many peptides with diverse functions in normal physiology, expresses(More)
The tumor microenvironment is composed of many immune cell subpopulations and is an important factor in the malignant progression of neoplasms, particularly breast cancer (BC). However, the cytokine networks that coordinate various regulatory events within the BC interstitium remain largely uncharacterized. Moreover, the data obtained regarding the origin(More)
Introduction: Re-epithelialisation of cutaneous wounds is a complex multistep process. In partial thickness wounds, keratinocytes from wound edges and the remnants of the epidermal appendages contribute to the process. We investigated whether the mechanism of injury had any influence on reepithelialisation of partial thickness wounds in a porcine model.(More)
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