Shaker Sarwary

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ion Manual abstraction can be performed by giving a file containing the names of variables to abstract. For each variable appearing in the file, a new primary input node is created to drive all the nodes that were previously driven by the variable. Abstracting a net effectively allows it to take any value in its range, at every clock cycle. Fair CTL model(More)
VIS (Verification Interacting with Synthesis) is a tool that integrates the verification, simulation, and synthesis of finite-state hardware systems. It uses a Verilog front end and supports fair CTL model checking, language emptiness checking, combinational and sequential equivalence checking, cycle-based simulation, and hierarchical synthesis. VIS was(More)
We propose a novel semi-automatic methodology to formally verify clock-domain synchronization protocols in industrial-scale hardware designs. Establishing the functional correctness of all clock-domain crossings (CDCs) is crucial in every system-on-chip (SoC) assembly flow. While other semi-automatic approaches require non-trivial manual deductive(More)
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