Shakeeb Bin Hasan

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A metal-insulator-metal (MIM) waveguide is a canonical structure used in many functional plasmonic devices. Recently, research on nanoresonantors made from finite, that is, truncated, MIM waveguides attracted a considerable deal of interest motivated by the promise for many applications. However, most suggested nanoresonators do not reach a(More)
Spherical silver nanoparticles were prepared by means of ion beam synthesis in lithium niobate. The embedded nanoparticles were then irradiated with energetic (84)Kr and (197)Au ions, resulting in different electronic energy losses between 8.1 and 27.5 keV nm(-1) in the top layer of the samples. Due to the high electronic energy losses of the irradiating(More)
The ability of squeezing and guiding light in nanoscale plasmonic waveguides makes them especially interesting for photonic circuits. In spite of reported realizations of plasmonic waveguides, experimental studies on the content of plasmonic modes and mode-selective excitation methods are rare. We apply here a Dual-SNOM technique, incorporating two aperture(More)
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