Shaked Ashkenazi

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MicroRNAs are transcribed by RNA polymerase II but the transcriptional features influencing their synthesis are poorly defined. Here we report that a TATA box in microRNA and protein-coding genes is associated with increased sensitivity to slow RNA polymerase II. Promoters driven by TATA box or NF-κB elicit high re-initiation rates, but paradoxically lower(More)
The NF-κB family plays key roles in immune and stress responses, and its deregulation contributes to several diseases. Therefore its modulation has become an important therapeutic target. Here, we used a high-throughput screen for small molecules that directly inhibit dimerization of the NF-κB protein p65. One of the identified inhibitors is withaferin A(More)
The transcription start site (TSS) determines the length and composition of the 5' UTR and therefore can have a profound effect on translation. Yet, little is known about the mechanism underlying start site selection, particularly from promoters lacking conventional core elements such as TATA-box and Initiator. Here we report a novel mechanism of start site(More)
Specific protein-protein interaction (PPI) is an essential feature of many cellular processes however, targeting these interactions by small molecules is highly challenging due to the nature of the interaction interface. Thus, screening for PPI inhibitors requires enormous number of compounds. Here we describe a simple and improved protocol designed for a(More)
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