Shajjad Chowdhury

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This paper describes a dual inverter motor drive topology using a single supply for open winding induction machine. The paper considers the possibilities of using a dual bridge inverter with one bridge inverter floating, this will allow achieving multilevel voltage output. The charging and discharging of the floating capacitor can be controlled using the(More)
This paper proposes an on-board methodology for monitoring the health of power converter modules in inverters driving inductive loads such as induction motors. The ability to keep regular track of the actual degradation level of the modules enables the adoption of preventive maintenance, reducing or even eliminating altogether the appearance of failures(More)
This paper presents a Model Predictive Control technique applied to a dual active bridge inverter where one of the bridges is floating. The proposed floating bridge topology eliminates the need for isolation transformer in a dual inverter system and therefore reduces the size, weight and losses in the system. To achieve multilevel output voltage waveforms(More)
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