Shairy Azmy Danial

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Strategies of cell depletion were pursued to extend understanding of the functions of natural killer (NK) cell-like large granulated lymphocytes found in the rodent uterus during pregnancy. Repeated infusions of antibody to Ly-49G2, a surface marker thought to be expressed by the progenitor forms of these cells, removed Ly-49G2+ cells from the virgin but(More)
The isolation of mutations affecting the stabilities of transmembrane proteins is useful for enhancing the suitability of proteins for structural characterization and identification of determinants of membrane protein stability. We have pursued a strategy for the identification of stabilized variants of the yeast α-factor receptor Ste2p. Because it was not(More)
G protein-coupled receptors are vital membrane proteins that allosterically transduce biomolecular signals across the cell membrane. However, the process by which ligand binding induces protein conformation changes is not well understood biophysically. Rhodopsin, the mammalian dim-light receptor, is a unique test case for understanding these processes(More)
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