Shaimaa Awadain Elsharif

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Linalool 1 is an odorant that is commonly perceived as having a pleasant odor, but is also known to elicit physiological effects such as inducing calmness and enhancing sleep. However, no comprehensive studies are at hand to show which structural features are responsible for these prominent effects. Therefore, a total of six oxygenated derivatives were(More)
β-Citronellol, 1, and citronellyl acetate, 2, are renowned fragrant constituents in perfumes and flavoring agents in foods and beverages. Both substances smell citrussy, fresh and floral. To elucidate the structural features required for these sensory effects, six C-8 oxygenated derivatives of 1 and 2 were synthesized and analytically characterized. All(More)
Despite being isomers having the same citrus-like, floral odor, geraniol 1 and nerol 3, show different odor thresholds. To date, no systematic studies are at hand elucidating the structural features required for their specific smell properties. Therefore, starting from these two base structures and their corresponding esters, namely geranyl acetate 2 and(More)
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