Shaimaa A. Mohamed

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Lead sulfide quantum dots represent an emerging photovoltaic absorber material. While their associated optical qualities are true for the colloidal solution phase, they change upon processing into thin-films. A detailed view to the optical key-parameters during solid-film development is presented and the limits and outlooks for this versatile and promising(More)
Layers of ethylene carbonate (EC) modified CuI/PVA polymer composites were prepared by growth of CuI nano-particles in an aqueous solution of PVA followed by casting at room temperature. The structural, thermal, optical, electrical and di-electrical characterization of polymer composites was investigated using different techniques. These investigations(More)
the key point of super resolution process is the accurate measuring of sub-pixel shift. Any tiny error in measuring such shift leads to an incorrect image focusing. In this paper, methodology of measuring sub-pixel shift using Phase correlation (PC) are evaluated using different window functions, then modified version of (PC) method using high pass filter(More)
This paper presents a method for image-based shift measurement and investigates solution for the mismatched bands of egyptsat-1 satellite. A tiny error in measuring sub pixel shift leads to an incorrect image focusing. Different methods, using frequency approach are conducted with different Tukey window sizes for measuring the sub pixel shift. The present(More)
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