Shaimaa A. A. Amin

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Automating actions based on collected context from Internet of Things (IOT)-controlled systems is one of the most important requirements of IOT systems; this paper seeks to satisfy this requirement by offering a context-aware service framework on top of IOT controlled systems. The fault management process in electric power distribution networks is taken(More)
This paper discusses the development of a set of specifications for a development methodology for educational multimedia, specifically for the development of a prototype educational multimedia application for Breast Self Examination (BSE) training. In the paper, the need for BSE training is examined and BSE is briefly presented. Our focus, however, is to(More)
Context-aware e-Services offer entirely new opportunities for application developers and for end users by gathering context data and offering e-services solutions that are adapted to their context. In this paper, using a scenario, we argue for the need for an e-services framework that supports decision-making during fault management process in electricity(More)
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