Shaima Ibrahim

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Problem statement: This study described the analysis, design and implementation of the Questions-Bank system that allows the students of primary, preparatory and secondary schools to take web-based quizzes and exams, to download course reviews and previous exams. "Questions-Bank", means that each question has a weight and area of knowledge deals with it.(More)
The electronic service concept stands for one prominent application of using the information and communication technologies in dissimilar areas. However, providing an exact definition of e-service is hard to come by as researchers have been using different definitions to describe e-service. This paper presents and examines the e-service definitions from(More)
High-performance microprocessors utilize cache write-through policy for performance improvement, at the same time achieving good tolerance to soft errors in on-chip caches. Write-through policy also consumes large power due to the increased access to caches in different level during write operation. The objective of this paper is to improve the energy(More)
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