Shaily Singh

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BACKGROUND Intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) is associated with high mortality and morbidity. Various clinical and imaging predictors of mortality have been observed in previous studies. AIMS To study factors associated with in-hospital mortality in patients with ICH and observe the disability status of patients [assessed by modified Rankin scale (mRS)] at(More)
The role of humoral autoimmune factors in the pathogenesis of motor neuron disease (MND) is currently under considerable scrutiny. In particular, there have been many reports of abnormal serum immunoglobulin patterns and elevated titres of anti-ganglioside antibodies in patients with MND. However, many of these studies may be biased by the selection(More)
BACKGROUND Malignant middle cerebral artery (MCA) infarction is associated with high mortality and morbidity. Decompressive hemicraniectomy (DH) reduces mortality significantly but evidence for long-term functional benefit is sparse and contradictory. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 60 patients with malignant MCA infarction were prospectively enrolled.(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the role of sleep and its stages on the localizing value of video EEG in the evaluation of refractory focal seizures. METHODS Video-electroencephalographic (VEEG) evaluation with additional polygraphic recording was carried out for 70 consecutive patients with refractory focal epilepsy, undergoing pre-surgical evaluation, over a(More)
Parry-Romberg syndrome (PRS) with hemimasticatory spasm (HMS) is quite an uncommon overlapping phenomenon which very often mimics jaw closing dystonia. A previously healthy 35-year-old female, during her 5(th) month of pregnancy started developing intermittent unilateral painful spasms of jaw while conversation, clinching of teeth, or eating, which led to(More)
Seizures are often followed by sensory, cognitive or motor impairments during the postictal phase that show striking similarity to transient hypoxic/ischemic attacks. Here we show that seizures result in a severe hypoxic attack confined to the postictal period. We measured brain oxygenation in localized areas from freely-moving rodents and discovered a(More)
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