Shailika Sharma

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BACKGROUND The WASF3 protein is involved in cell movement and invasion, and to investigate its role in prostate cancer progression we studied the phenotypic effects of knockdown in primary tumors and cell lines. METHODS ShRNA was used to knockdown WASF3 function in prostate cell lines. Cell motility (scratch wound assay), anchorage independent growth and(More)
Low power design is the industry buzzword these days in present chip design technologies. Caches occupy around 50% of the total chip area and consume considerable amount of power. This project's focus is to reduce leakage power consumption of an 8 kbit SRAM by employing techniques like power gating. The main technique used in power gating is the use of(More)
— In this paper we have implemented a linear voltage low drop out regulator for efficient power management considering the fact in mind that voltage regulators provide a constant voltage supply to the circuits. We replace the common drain by common source pass element to improve efficiency and reduce the voltage drop across the device. This research paper(More)
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