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Price forecasting has become one of the key factors for competition in the deregulated electricity market and it is necessary to know future electricity prices for generating companies as their profitability depends on them. The precision of the price forecasting model is essential in bidding strategies. The major problem with the models based on artificial(More)
An Environmental Adaption Method (EAM) has been recently proposed in which, each solution updates its structure on the basis of current environmental fitness and its own fitness. EAM uses a new operator known as adaption operator. In this paper, an improved EAM, henceforth called as IEAM has been proposed and proper tuning of parameters of algorithm has(More)
Natural phenomenon can be used to solve complex optimization problems with its excellent facts, functions, and phenomenon. In this paper, a survey on physics-based algorithm is done to show how these inspirations led to the solution of well-known optimization problem. The survey is focused on inspirations that are originated from physics, their formulation(More)