Shailesh Tiwari

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Although a number of nature inspired algorithms exist in literature to solve optimization problems, yet there is always a need of new algorithm which can search for optimum solution in minimum time. This paper proposes a new optimization algorithm for solving optimization problems. Proposed algorithm has been compared with existing algorithm like Genetic(More)
In this paper, a variant of particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm using modified time varying acceleration coefficients (PSO-TVAC) has been proposed and applied in creation of new test cases for modified code in regression testing. The performance of the proposed algorithm is compared with other existing PSO algorithms on five well known benchmark(More)
Natural phenomenon can be used to solve complex optimization problems with its excellent facts, functions, and phenomenon. In this paper, a survey on physics-based algorithm is done to show how these inspirations led to the solution of well-known optimization problem. The survey is focused on inspirations that are originated from physics, their formulation(More)
In maintenance, regression testing is used to revalidate modified software which is also an expensive and frequently executed process. In conventional regression testing approach, developers generally re-run all test suite or selectively run a sub-set of existing test cases on the modified version of program. After executing the test cases over program,(More)
Despite the importance of okra, as one of the important vegetable crop, very little attention has been paid to its genetic improvement using advanced biotechnological tools. The exploitation of marker assisted breeding in okra is often limited due to the availability of a few molecular markers, the absence of molecular genetic-map(s), and other molecular(More)
Regression testing involves rerun of all test suite or selective run of a subset of existing test cases on the modified version of program to reveal the regression faults due to changes in code and use of these non obsolete test cases from pre-existing test suite to explore and eradicate regression faults. This paper addresses the fundamental limitations of(More)
An Environmental Adaption Method (EAM) has been recently proposed in which, each solution updates its structure on the basis of current environmental fitness and its own fitness. EAM uses a new operator known as adaption operator. In this paper, an improved EAM, henceforth called as IEAM has been proposed and proper tuning of parameters of algorithm has(More)
Mutation Testing is used as fault-based testing to overcome limitations of other testing approaches but it is recognized as expensive process. In mutation testing, a good test case is one that kills one or more mutants, by producing different mutant output from the original program. Evolutionary algorithms have been proved its suitability for reducing the(More)