Shailesh Saurabh

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The crustacean ectoparasite, Argulus poses one of the major threats to carp culture due to absence of any suitable control measure. The study was undertaken to determine the expression of immune-related genes in three major immunocompetent organs viz., kidney, skin and liver of rohu (Labeo rohita) during experimental freshwater lice Argulus siamensis(More)
Lack of immune competence in the early stages of life leads to severe mortality in larval stages of different fish species including Indian major carp (IMC). Investigation through indirect enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and agglutination test revealed a significant increase in specific serum antibody response in the brood fish of Indian major(More)
An experiment was conducted to study the stress mitigation and growth enhancing role of dietary l-tryptophan (TRP) under thermal stress in rohu, Labeo rohita fingerlings for 45 days. Seven hundred and twenty fishes were distributed in three major groups that are ambient temperature (26 °C), 34 and 38 °C in triplicate following a complete randomized design.(More)
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