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We develop a simple mathematical model for forced flow of culture medium through a porous scaffold in a tissue-engineering bioreactor. Porous-walled hollow fibres penetrate the scaffold and act as additional sources of culture medium. The model, based on Darcy's law, is used to examine the nutrient and shear-stress distributions throughout the scaffold. We(More)
A theoretical model is presented describing the reopening by an advancing air bubble of an initially liquid-filled collapsed airway lined with deformable epithelial cells. The model integrates descriptions of flow-structure interaction (accounting for nonlinear deformation of the airway wall and viscous resistance of the airway liquid flow), surfactant(More)
BACKGROUND Mechanical thrombectomy with stent retriever devices is associated with significantly better outcomes than thrombolysis alone in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke. Thrombus aspiration achieves high patency rates, but clinical outcomes are variable. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of different suction conditions on perfusate(More)
A sensation of fullness in the bladder is a regular experience, yet the mechanisms that act to generate this sensation remain poorly understood. This is an important issue because of the clinical problems that can result when this system does not function properly. The aim of the study group activity was to develop mathematical models that describe the(More)
  • Karen Bliss, Linda Connolly, John Matthews, Shailesh Naire, Lakshmi Puthanveetil, Shannon Wynne +2 others
  • 2009
This document illustrates several important points related to the writing of your report. What follows is part of a report from a couple of years ago. The flow of granular materials has been a challenging mathematical endeavor since the advent of plasticity theory in the late 1950's. Jenike's original work in this field was built on foundations of continuum(More)
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