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Temperature monitoring in wireless sensor network using Zigbee transceiver module
In this paper, we are using the features and technology of wireless sensor networks such as distributed and self-organization to build temperature monitoring system, which can monitor the temperatureExpand
Pressure monitoring in wireless sensor network using Zigbee transceiver module
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are spreading around in multiple fields of applications because they perform measuring tasks in a flexible way. Expand
Smart Voltage Monitoring: Centralised and Blockchain-based Decentralised Approach
We propose the application of the Internet of Things along with the server-based framework and Distributed Ledger Technology to build systems for smart voltage monitoring. Expand
Design and implementation of vedic multiplier
Three-Dimensional Dual-Band Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Wireless Communication
A three-dimensional dual-band dielectric resonator antenna, comprised of five rectangular dielectRIC resonator (RDR) radiating elements, is proposed for wireless communication applications. Expand
iContractBot: A Chatbot for Smart Contracts' Specification and Code Generation
We propose iContractBot, a chatbot framework for smart contract development, and we have integrated it with iContractML, a DSML for developing smart contracts. Expand
Design and Implementation of Floating-point Vedic multiplier
Critical role of any digital system is played by the multiplier. In mathematics, Veda provides one line, fastest processor along with fast cross-checking method. It is most important to implementExpand
A State-of-the Art Review on Distributed Amplifiers
This paper presents an overview of various types of DAs. Expand
Array of SIW resonant slot antenna for V band applications
In this paper, the design of Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) resonant slot antenna to operate in V-band applications has been realized. The basic structure of unit cell has been designed overExpand