Shailesh Kumar Kharol

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According to the Earth Observatory dust outbreaks are considered as natural hazards, which affect the ecosystems and human life. The main objective of this study is to assess and monitor the movement of aerosols and pollutants from local or other sources, both natural and anthropogenic, using a combination of ground-based monitoring and satellite data. The(More)
[1] We use a chemical transport model and its adjoint to examine the sensitivity of secondary inorganic aerosol formation to emissions of precursor trace gases from Asia. Sensitivity simulations indicate that secondary inorganic aerosol mass concentrations are most sensitive to ammonia (NH3) emissions in winter and to sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions during(More)
The chemistry of the Earth's atmosphere close to the surface is known to be strongly influenced by vegetation. However, two critical aspects of the forest environment have been neglected in the description of the large-scale influence of forests on air pollution: the reduction of photolysis reaction rates and the modification of vertical transport due to(More)
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