Shailesh J. Mehta

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Acknowledgement I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude towards Dr. Bishnu Pradhan, Media Labs Asia, IIT Bombay, who consented to guide me and provided invaluable support, which resulted in the successful completion of this project. Project for his excellent inputs on the subject of Information Kiosks and rural ICT projects in India. I feel(More)
Introduction: Blindness is a major public health problem worldwide, and infectious keratitis is one of the predominant causes. Ulcerative keratitis due to infection with a wide range of organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi or protozoa has been reported. Bacterial and mycological keratitis typically occurs in persons having some associated factors.
Commonly cited requirements for bridging the " science-practice divide " between practitioners and scientists include: political support, communication and experimentation. The Subtropical Thicket Restoration Programme was established in 2004 to catalyse investment in large-scale restoration of degraded subtropical thicket in the Eastern Cape, 4329 South(More)
Evaluation of a product or process involves simultaneous study of several product quality characteristics or responses. The ultimate goal of manufacturing process optimization is to determine the settings of the process variables such that the best combination of the responses is obtained. In case of multiple processing stages, determining optimal process(More)
A 15-month-old girl, born to the consanguineous parents, was referred with the sign of massive splenomegaly associated with thrombocytopenia and anemia. Plasma Chitotriosidase estimation was carried out as a screening test and was found to be normal with reduced activity of β-glucosidase in leucocytes suggestive of Gaucher disease. At the age of 4 years,(More)
Title: What drives mobile service adoption in India? : An empirical evaluation Abstract: Mobile technology has penetrated markets throughout India. The rate of growth of mobile penetration in urban India has been very high as compared to rural but in 2010 share of rural subscribers has increased to 32.3% in total subscription. Macro factors are often(More)