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Nowadays, the rapid increase in the number of the automobiles on the highway and urban roads have created many challenges regarding the proper management and control of the traffic. Detection and tracking of vehicles using the traffic surveillance system gives more promising way to manage and control the road traffic. Vehicle surveillance represents a(More)
This paper proposed a hybrid-cascaded framework for image reconstruction. This framework consists of breaking the reconstruction process into two parts viz. primary and secondary. The primary part consists of simple algebraic iterative technique using Simultaneous Algebraic Reconstruction Technique (SART) for image reconstruction. The task of primary(More)
Simultaneous algebraic reconstruction Technique(SART) based iterative method play a major role in the quality of images reconstructed by Computed Tomography (CT). The basic limitations associated with this method include poor visual quality and ill-posedness. To address these drawbacks, SART iterative method is modified using Anisotropic Diffusion (AD) as(More)
Computerized Tomography and Positron Emission Tomography (CT/PET) is an effective and indispensable imaging tool for the application of medical image reconstruction. The noise contained in the data measured by imaging instruments is primarily Poisson type and decreasing the noise has the potential to optimize the quality of CT/PET images. But the(More)
Bayesian statistical algorithm plays a significant role in the quality of the images produced by Emission Tomography like PET/SPECT, since they can provide an accurate system model. The major drawbacks associated with this algorithm include the problem of slow convergence, choice of optimum initial point and ill-posedness. To address these issues, in this(More)
Unimodal biometric systems have been serving the security demands of real world applications to a great level but these systems show vulnerabilities to certain aspects like noisy inputs, non-universality, intra-class variability and spoofing. To overcome these limitations multimodal biometric systems were developed which use more than one biometric trait(More)
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