Shailendra Saini

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A preliminary examination of a simple and rapid screening method for quantifying a range of toxic organohalides directly in aqueous solution based on their electrocatalytic reduction with a metalloporphyrin catalyst is described. Homogenous catalysis is described as well as heterogeneous catalysis using precipitated cobalt(II) tetraphenylporphine ((TPP)Co)(More)
We perform a survey of the proton, K+ , K− 3 charged track data, taken by the CLAS detector for the HyCLAS experiment [1] during the g12 run-period at Jefferson Lab. We aim to study the strong decay amplitudes, partial widths and production channels of strangeonia from the CLAS g12 dataset. HyCLAS was motivated by the experimental results for gluonic hybrid(More)
-In the present paper we have studied geomagnetic response at localized station of each southern and northern high latitude station “MAITRI” (geomag Lat. 62.80 S, Long. 52.8 E) Antarctica and “TROMSO” (geomag. Lat. 69.66 N, Long.18.93 E) Norway; to the solar energetic particle (SEP) event of January 20, 2005 which is the most intense event in 15 years with(More)
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