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Towards a streaming SQL standard
This paper describes a unification of two different SQL extensions for streams and its associated semantics. We use the data models from Oracle and StreamBase as our examples. Oracle uses aExpand
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Applications of VANETs: Present & Future
The Vehicular Safety Consortium (VSC), the Crash-Avoidance Metrics Partnership (CAMP) consortium and the Vehicle Infrastructure Initiative (VII) [1] along with the giants of the light-duty vehicleExpand
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Information sharing with the Oracle database
Database systems have been designed to manage business critical information and make this information accessible on request to connected clients. There is, however, an ever-increasing need to shareExpand
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Analysis on Energy Optimized Data Collection in Tree Based Ad-Hoc Sensor Network
Fast and energy efficient data collection in an energy constraint ad-hoc sensor network is always a challenging issue. The network topology and interferences causes significant effects on dataExpand
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Novel Approach to Automated Test Data Generation for AOP
Aspect oriented programming is a new programming paradigm. AOP is based on object oriented programming. Most of the researchers target this new paradigm towards the programming not for testing.Expand
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An Algorithmic Approach to Predict Fault Propagation and Defects in Dependent Modules based on Coupling
is an enormous amount of research going on to minimize the effect of coupling between the software modules and to reduce the defects present in them. In this paper, an algorithmic approach isExpand
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Automated test data generation for mutation testing using AspectJ programs
Aspect oriented programming is a new paradigm of software development. It introduces new types of faults. Mutation testing is a technique which can tackle these faults systematically. TheExpand
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Review of Different Inpainting Algorithms
inpainting was historically done manually by painters for removing defect from paintings and photographs. Fill the region of missing information from a signal using surrounding information andExpand
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Clustering Based on Node Density in Heterogeneous Under-Water Sensor Network
An underwater sensor network comprise of sensors and vehicles to perform numerous tasks. In underwater ad-hoc sensor network acoustic signals are transmitted through multi-hop sequence so as to saveExpand
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One-step solvothermal synthesis of TiO2-reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites with enhanced visible light photoreduction of Cr(VI)
AbstractHexavalent chromium, Cr(VI), is a mutagenic and carcinogenic heavy metal environmental pollutant. Photoreduction is one of the remediation methods of the hexavalent chromium Cr(VI), whichExpand
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