Shailendra Kumar Pathak

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Ad hoc networks are self-organizing wireless networks composed of wireless nodes. These networks need not any fixed infrastructure. Since ad-hoc networks have frequently varying topology and asymmetric links, selection of routing protocols is an important consideration. The Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP) is a hybrid ad hoc routing protocol which combines the(More)
Network without fixed infrastructure is called ad hoc network. All the nodes communicate directly with each other with dynamically changing topology. This poses a challenge for developing efficient routing protocols. In this paper we presents a comprehensive study on the performance of ad hoc network routing protocols with two Mac layer models. The routing(More)
This paper focuses on how multimedia could enhance teaching and learning system. Features of multimedia based education and the teaching approaches that promote active learning. Multimedia could support constructing, developing, and evaluating students' mental representations."There is substantial research supporting the effectiveness of multimedia-assisted(More)
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