Shailendra Kumar Jain

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A basic conceptual study of TCSC device on Simulink is a teaching aid and helps in understanding the rudiments of the topic. This paper thus stems out from basics of TCSC device and analyzes the impedance characteristics and associated single & multi resonance conditions. The Impedance characteristics curve is drawn for different values of inductance in(More)
Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) devices play a vital role in improving the static as well as dynamic performance of the power system. The location and size of these devices play a major role in deciding the extent to which the goal of improving the system performance is achieved in a cost effective manner. In this work, an objective function(More)
A data acquisition system--using self designed and assembled A/D and D/A converter board and appropriate software--has been developed for the International Business Machine (IBM) Personal Computer and has been used for spectral analysis of bio-electric signals. Spectral analysis of EEG signals was performed and the reliability confirmed by analysis of the(More)
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