Shailendra K. Bhonsle

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An open architecture that achieves seamless binding between networking and multime-dia devices is proposed. The building blocks of the binding architecture consist of a set of interfaces, methods and primitives. The former abstract the functionalities of multimedia networking devices and are organized into a binding interface base. The methods and(More)
We propose using a temporally ordered database for complex visual activity recognition. We use a temporal precedence relation together with the assumption of xed bounded temporal uncertainty of occurrence time of an atomic activity and comparatively large temporal extent of the complex activity. Under these conditions we identify the temporal structure of(More)
A collection of distributed databases forms an important architectural component of the ATON project for networked incidence management of highway traffic. The database sub-architecture supports the architectural integration of many thematic areas of the ATON, and provides many high level abstractions that semantically correspond to traffic incidents. These(More)
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