Shailaja Venkatsubramanyan

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Spoilage rates in India's grain supply chains have been estimated to be 25% to 30%. The price “mark-up” rates, i.e., service charges over crop costs, have been estimated to be over 240%, with a whopping 210% incurred by wholesalers, retailers and the intermediaries. The two rates in developed nations are approximately 3% and between 50% and(More)
This paper describes an algorithm that can be used to improve the quality of multiword expressions extracted from documents. We measure multiword expression quality by the " usefulness " of a multiword expression in helping ontolo-gists build knowledge maps that allow users to search a large document corpus. Our stopword based algorithm takes n-grams(More)
Remote sensing satellites are generating large amounts of (image) data at different levels of temporal, spatial and spectral resolution, with varying levels of detail, and at various stages of processing with a variety of algorithms. This bewildering array of data sources is going to mandate a new class of information retrieval systems to help end-users(More)