Shailaja Venkatsubramanyan

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This paper describes an algorithm that can be used to improve the quality of multiword expressions extracted from documents. We measure multiword expression quality by the “usefulness” of a multiword expression in helping ontologists build knowledge maps that allow users to search a large document corpus. Our stopword based algorithm takes ngrams extracted(More)
With growth in the use of computers and the Internet, we now live in a world where there are two spheres of existence–a physical sphere and a digital sphere. Many now rely on the Web as a reflection of reality for finding facts. For example, many turn to the Web to get the address of a store rather than consult traditional yellow pages in book form. This(More)
Spoilage rates in India's grain supply chains have been estimated to be 25% to 30%. The price “mark-up” rates, i.e., service charges over crop costs, have been estimated to be over 240%, with a whopping 210% incurred by wholesalers, retailers and the intermediaries. The two rates in developed nations are approximately 3% and between 50% and(More)
1 This research is supported in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation. 2 Department of MIS (College of BPA) 3 Office of Arid Lands Studies 4 School of Renewable Natural Resources Abstract Remote sensing satellites are generating large amounts of (image) data at different levels of temporal, spatial and spectral resolution, with varying levels(More)
Search services are now ubiquitously employed in searching for documents on the Internet and on enterprise intranets. Search services may exhibit different behavior depending on the type of information need, the quality of the search service, the ease of filtering results, the user’s domain knowledge and search experience. Users are thus faced with the(More)
Organizations are building automated technical support software that can help both consumers and field support engineers with problem resolution. The goal of the automated technical support system is reducing operational cost and increasing customer satisfaction. This paper examines the set of challenges that knowledge engineers face in building automated(More)