Shailaja S Patil

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CONTEXT Asana, pranayama, and meditation are three main techniques of yoga practiced in India over thousands of years to attain functional harmony between the body and mind. Recent studies on long-term yogic practices have shown improvements in cardiovascular functions. AIM The present study was conducted to ascertain if a short-term practice of pranayama(More)
BACKGROUND Anaemia affects the body by decreased oxygen (O2) carrying capacity of the blood. There is growing evidence that anaemia contributes to cardiac disease and death. It causes O2 supply - demand myocardial mismatch causing myocardial ischemia. There is diversity of opinion available in literature on reports of electrocardiographic (ECG) changes in(More)
OBJECTIVE In this study, the various factors determining the out-of-pocket expenditure on child health care by households are discussed to answer the following questions: How much are households currently spending on child health care? Is there any role of socio-economic status of households on expenditure on child health care? What percentage of their(More)
This study provides a foundation for understanding how globalization and changing food environments are linked to cultural models of food prestige in adolescents. We used methods from cognitive anthropology, including free lists, pile sorts, and consensus modeling, to explore the meanings that Indian adolescents attribute to foods. Adolescents (n = 29) were(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe adolescents' eating patterns of traditional, global/non-local and mixed foods, and the factors that may influence food consumption, access and preferences, in a globalizing city. DESIGN A representative sample of school-going adolescents completed a cross-sectional survey including an FFQ designed to identify traditional and global(More)
Learning the nervous system has always been a difficult task for undergraduate students. In particular, the complexity of the system and the condensed time available present a difficult challenge. Regardless of audiovisual aids (blackboard, PowerPoint presentations, ready-made models, or CD-ROMs), deep learning is difficult to achieve. Therefore, we(More)
1. ABSTRACT: A simple Electrical stimulator is used to give the current stimulations to the muscle of paralyzed patients manually by the doctor during treatment of paralysis. We proposed the Electromyogram (EMG) triggered stimulator which is used for paralyzed patients to activate their muscle activity and relearn the lower limb movements. The different(More)
Hyperventilation (HV) enhances cortical excitability in widely distributed networks including motor, auditory and visual cortices. The depth and frequency of respiration also affects cardiac autonomic nervous system (ANS) activity. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of hyperventilation on cortical excitability and cardiac autonomic(More)
The prevalence of obesity and other chronic diseases is increasing in India and around the world. As globalization and social changes are believed to be at the root of these epidemiological changes, these factors must be better understood. This study engaged older adults to gain an important perspective on globalization and health. A free-list instrument(More)
466 Abstract— Peoples who have lost their hand in accident or having born disability in their hand are unable to perform daily routine work. Prosthetic arm helps those people to accomplish this task. The forearm muscle helps to establish wrist movement. Thus surface electromyographic signal which are collected from the forearm muscles helps to establish(More)