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— Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) usually consists of a large number of tiny sensors with limited computation capability, memory space and power resource. WSN's are extremely vulnerable against any kind of internal or external attacks, due to several factors such as resource constrained nodes and lack of tamper-resistant packages. To achieve security in(More)
  • Srikantaiah K C, Srikanth P L, +4 authors Patnaik L M
  • 2011
The World Wide Web (WWW) is the repository of large number of web pages which can be accessed via Internet by multiple users at the same time and therefore it is U biquitous in nature. The search engine is a key application used to search the web pages from this huge repository, which uses the link analysis for ranking the web pages without considering the(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks consists of tiny devices capable of processing, routing the sensed data and are capable of detecting the intruders. The process of detecting any suspected(anomalous) moving object(attacker) within the reach of a Wireless Sensor Network area is referred to as intrusion detection. In this paper, we propose an algorithm to detect the(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks consists of sensor nodes that are capable of sensing the information and maintaining security. In this paper, an Anonymity Cluster based Trust Management algorithm(ACTM) is proposed which enhances the security level and provides a stable path for communication. It is observed that the performance of the network is better than(More)
— This paper presents, a Group Based Optimal Re-transmission Medium Access (GORMA) Protocol is designed, that combines protocol of Collision Avoidance (CA) and energy management for low-cost, short-range, low-data rate and low-energy sensor nodes applications in environment monitoring, agriculture, industrial plants etc. In this paper, the GORMA protocol(More)
Secure Transmission of data packets in Wireless Sensor Networks is an important area of Research. There is a possibility of an attacker creating security holes in the network. Hence, network security and reliability can be achieved by discovering random multiple paths using multiple domains, and forwarding data packets from the source node to the(More)
This paper proposes an efficient hybrid MAC for multihop QoS protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks for delay sensitive data traffic. We present Contention Based Hybrid MAC (CBH-MAC) protocol for both chain and cross topology, which reduces end-to-end delay, energy efficiency and maximizes the packet delivery ratio by minimizing the contention at the nodes.(More)
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