Shaiful J. B. Hashim

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User detection in Heterogeneous Learning Management System (HLMS) using sensors which are attached with the Multi-Agent System (MAS) is a new area of research. The integration of sensors with the Multi-Agent system improved the efficiency of LMS by reducing the work load on the LMS servers to the dedicated sensors which are deployed in the domains. In order(More)
Recently, the revolution of deploying wireless sensor network (WSN) technology has accelerated the need for further development. Thus, numerous researches of different perspectives seeking some enhancements have been proposed. Throughout our extensive study, we have found that there is a phenomenon with adverse side effects known as sink isolation (sink's(More)
—This paper presents the process of Quranic Accent Automatic Identification. Recent feature extraction technique that is used for Quranic verse rule identification/Tajweed include Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC) which prone to additive noise and may reduce the classification result. Therefore, to improve the performance of MFCC with addition of(More)
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