Shaibu Adekunle Shonola

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The use of mobile devices as learning aids is increasing due to availability and affordability of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets among students. Many learners use their handheld devices not only for calling and texting, but also for educational purposes. Some promoters and developers of mobile learning in universities are developing and delivering(More)
Mobile devices have been playing vital roles in modern dayeducation delivery as students can access or download learning materials on their smartphones and tablets, they can also install educational apps and study anytime, anywhere. The need to provide adequate security forportable devices being used for learning cannot be underestimated. In this paper, we(More)
The keen adoption of m-learning by higher education institutions on a global scale because of widespread use of mobile devices requires proper security considerations in order not to expose m-learning systems to cyber-attack. M-learning systems normally comprise three components which are the mobile device, one or multiple servers and network devices. While(More)
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