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Observation of the plasmonic Rashba effect manifested by a polarization helicity degeneracy removal in a surface wave excitation via an inversion asymmetric metamaterial is reported. By designing the metasurface symmetry using anisotropic nanoantennas with space-variant orientations, we govern the light-matter interaction via the local field distribution(More)
In submerged microcavities there is a tradeoff between resonant enhancement for spatial water and light overlap. Why not transform the continuously resonating optical mode to be fully contained in a water microdroplet per se? Here we demonstrate a sustainable 30-μm-pure water device, bounded almost completely by free surfaces, enabling >1,000,000(More)
We experimentally report on optical binding of many glass particles in air that levitate in a single optical beam. A diversity of particle sizes and shapes interact at long range in a single Gaussian beam. Our system dynamics span from oscillatory to random and dimensionality ranges from 1 to 3D. The low loss for the center of mass motion of the beads could(More)
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