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AIM We describe a training programme for non-specialists in focused echocardiography in the periresuscitation setting which represents an entry level in echocardiography training (FEEL) for emergency and critical care medicine physicians. METHODS A prospective observational study based upon the development of a periresuscitation echocardiography training(More)
The World Bank and the IMF have encouraged many less developed countries (LDCs) to pursue privatisation policies. Development economists and World Bank reports claim this facilitates development by improving controls within enterprises and external regulation of financial markets acting on external accounting reports. This paper questions these beliefs. It(More)
Purpose – The paper traces how the World Bank has utilised accounting rhetoric/languages in articulating development discourses at different stages of global capitalism through the case study of development projects in Sri Lanka and published development reports. Design/methodology/approach – Multiple methods are employed including archival research and(More)
Previous studies on management control in less developed countries have mainly concentrated on the state and privatised enterprises. on traditional society, and a Weberian framework developed by Colignon and Covaleski (1991), this paper seeks to understand 'private management practices', including accounting, in a stock exchange listed company (public(More)
This study seeks to understand the changes to management accounting controls in a large Greek company in the context of the rapidly changing socioeconomic environment. The paper investigates the case of FA (here anonymised), a Greek dairy company, as it has been transformed from a small family-run firm to one of the biggest companies in Greece. Familial and(More)
The Chinese economic reform has recently become a major focus of attention around the world. The underlying rationale for the Chinese government's privatisation and public sector reforms is the view that reformed state enterprises and privately managed firms will demonstrate superior management control and better performance, and hence encourage economic(More)
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