Shahzad Khan

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The Canadian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) accounted for $60.6 billion to Canadian Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2006. In this paper, we analyze the dynamics and the key factors involved in the downfall of the ICT sector during the period of 2000-2003. In particular, we discuss factors including low-cost capital, irrational forecasts,(More)
In this paper, the design of a discrete-time slidingmode controller based on Lyapunov theory is presented along with a robust disturbance observer and is applied to a piezostage for high-precision motion. A linear model of a piezostage was used with nominal parameters to compensate the disturbance acting on the system in order to achieve nanometer accuracy.(More)
actIn this paper Discrete Sliding Mode Control (SMC) of actuator is demonstrated in order to achieve a very high acy in Nano-scale with the desired dynamics. In spite of the ynamics of the Piezo actuator the problem of chattering is nated with the SMC control structure. The Piezo actuator s from hysteresis loop which is the inherent property and es rise to(More)
In wireless sensor and actor networks cooperation among sensor and actor nodes introduces momentous gains compare to traditional sensing. For example, better precision in data collection by sensor nodes, and performing proper actions based on suitable decision by actor nodes. However, to get these possible gains, actor nodes need to be in proper positions.(More)
This article provides in-depth knowledge about our undergoing effort to develop an open architecture micromanipulation system with force sensing capabilities. The major requirement to perform any micromanipulation task effectively is to ensure the controlled motion of actuators within nanometer accuracy with low overshoot even under the influence of(More)
Revised March 2016 ABSTRACT. Wireless communication networks using unlicensed frequency band faces certain challenges like unrestrained interfering and bad quality of transmission. To surmount the scarcity of frequency band, a new technique for wireless communication is compulsory to adapt the exponentially rising wireless communication demand. Visible(More)
Users of Natural Language Generation systems are required to have sophisticated linguistic and sometimes even programming knowledge, which has hindered the adoption of this technology by individuals outside the computational linguistics research community. We have designed and implemented a visual environment for creating and modifying NLG templates which(More)