Shahzad Anwar

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In this paper, a new method is presented to automatically identify books based on recognition of call number label on the book spine captured by a smartphone in library. In previous methods for book spine segmentation, Canny edge detector results in curved or broken lines instead of detecting straight lines formed by book spine boundary. Moreover, line(More)
Edge detection has beneficial applications in the fields such as machine vision, pattern recognition and biomedical imaging etc. Edge detection highlights high frequency components in the image. Edge detection is a challenging task. It becomes more arduous when it comes to noisy images. This study focuses on fuzzy logic based edge detection in smooth and(More)
An important aspect of visual saliency detection is how features that form an input image are represented. A popular theory supports sparse feature representation, an image being represented with a basis dictionary having sparse weighting coefficient. Another method uses a nonlinear combination of image features for representation. In our work, we combine(More)
The employment of radiopharmaceuticals is increasing nowadays for infection imaging and early execution of patients having infectious or inflammatory complaints. The main aim of this study was to discover a novel method for the labeling of ofloxacin with (99m)Tc, optimization of labelling conditions to get higher percent yield, to assess kits radiochemical(More)
Digitally controlled electrohydraulic (EH) closed-center valves and load sensing hydraulic pump systems have been quickly replacing the older generation of hydro-mechanically controlled (pilot actuated, mechanically controlled) open-center valves and fixed displacement pump systems in mobile equipment applications such as earth moving and construction(More)
Visual saliency estimation is an emerging field with various applications specially in computer vision. This paper presents a visual saliency model based on parallel non-linear integration of low level features. Color, gradient and spatial information are the basic features used for saliency computation. At first color and gradient feature matrices are(More)
Edge detection is low level image processing tool and has useful applications in the field of pattern recognition and machine vision. A fuzzy logic based edge detection algorithm is proposed in this paper, to detect edges in gray scale images. Fuzzy logic is very helpful in edge detection because it can handle the problem of decision making in partially(More)
This study propose and demonstrates a novel technique incorporating multilayer perceptron (MLP) neural networks for feature extraction with Photometric stereo based image capture techniques for the analysis of complex and irregular 2D profiles and 3D surfaces. In order to develop the method and to ensure that it is capable of modelling non-axisymmetric and(More)
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