Shahrzade Mazaher

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We present a component-oriented approach to demonstrate the use of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Open Distributed Processing (ODP) concepts to design service components of a telecommunications management system. This paper is based on the work done in the design phase of the ACTS project " TRUMPET " (Inter-Domain Management with Integrity). This(More)
When developing large distributed systems, the final transformation steps toward executable components (targeting) are usually complex and platform dependent. The ODP Engineering Model provides a framework for alleviating this situation, but methods and tools that realize its potential are still lacking. This paper gives an example of a distribution(More)
We look into grid technologies with respect to applications and implementations. Grid technologies promise to make various resources available seamlessly, allowing a more secure operation at lower costs. The key to grid is resource sharing, which leads to a virtualisation of organisations and resources. Besides a definition of the grid technology we take a(More)
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