Shahryar Sorooshian

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Decision-Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL) methodology has been proposed to solve complex and intertwined problem groups in many situations such as developing the capabilities, complex group decision making, security problems, marketing approaches, global managers, and control systems. DEMATEL is able to realize casual relationships by(More)
Fake and unethical publishers' activities are known by most of the readers of Science and Engineering Ethics. This letter tries to draw the readers' attention to the hidden side of some of these publishers' business. Here the black market of scholarly articles, which negatively affects the validity and reliability of research in higher education, as well as(More)
Among middle east non-oil paramount issues one can refer to pistachio production and its processing industry; Base on this fact, this study attempted to identify the major influences in enhancing success of Middle-East small and medium pistachio processing enterprises, according to their entrepreneur's strategic perception (ESP) and their entrepreneur's(More)
Currently, the strategy implementation is believed to be a dynamic activity within strategic management process. The main objective of this research is to examine the structural relationships between strategy implementation and performance within the small and medium manufacturing firms. In order to implement strategy effectively, it is crucial to consider(More)
Human resources have been regarded as the most important asset for any organization because of its essential part in achieving the sustainable competitive advantage and survival. Managing human resources is very challenging and requires an effective bundle of practices that contribute to attaining the organizational goals. This study tries to confirm the(More)