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The morphological and anatomical reinvestigation of the Psilotum nudum, in Hyrcanian forests, N Iran
Psilotum nudum is an ancestral epiphytic of the monilophytes which has been recently reported from Hyrcanian forests. It was already introduced as an epiphytic species from some patchy habitats inExpand
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Anatomical studies on selected species of Viola (Violaceae)
Cross-sections of roots, stems, petioles and peduncles were investigated in 12 species of Viola distributed mainly in northern Iran: V. kitaibeliana, V. arvensis, V. occulta, V. tricolor (sect.Expand
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Pollen studies in the genus viola (violaceae) from Iran
Abstract Pollen morphology of 17 species of Viola representing five sections, Melanium, Plagiostigma, 'Spathulidium' ined., Sclerosium, and Viola, was studied using light and scanning electronExpand
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Pollen morphology of selected species of Allium (Alliaceae) distributed in Iran
Pollen morphology of 19 species of Allium representing six subgenera and 12 sections, were studied. The following characters were recognized as important for separating taxa at different taxonomicExpand
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Evidence from micromorphology and gross morphology of the genus Loranthus (Loranthaceae) in Iran
The genus Loranthus L. (Loranthaceae) is represented in Iran by 2 species: Loranthus europaeus Jacq. and L. grewingkii Boiss. & Buhse; the latter species is endemic to the area of Flora Iranica. TheExpand
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A palynological study of the genus Pedicularis (Orobanchaceae) in Iran
Abstract Saeidi Mehrvarz S., Parsa Panah S. & Beygom Faghir M.: A palynological study of the genus Pedicularis (Orobanchaceae) in Iran. — Willdenowia 43: 279–285. December 2013. — ISSN 0511-9618; ©Expand
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Pollen and seed morphology of the genus Cistanche (Orobanchaceae) in Iran
The pollen grains and seeds in six species of Cistanche distributed in Iran were examined. Detailed morphological descriptions of pollen and seed are given for each species. Four microsculpturingExpand
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Morphological and phylogenetic relationships within Viola sect. Sclerosium (Violaceae) in Iran
Abstract Viola sect. Sclerosium contains up to seven taxa distributed from northeastern Africa to western India. Here we used morphometry and Bayesian phylogenetic analyses of a low-copy nuclear geneExpand
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Micromorphology of fruits and seeds of Iranian Geranium (Geraniaceae), and its systematic significance
The fruit and seed micromorphology of 22 species of Geranium, representing the eight sections of the genus represented in Iran (G. sectt. Dissecta, Geranium, and Tuberosa of subgen. Geranium; sectt.Expand
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