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This paper describes the University of Houston team's efforts toward the problem of identifying reference spans in a reference document given sentences from other documents that cite the reference document. We investigated the following approaches: cosine similarity with multiple incremental modifications and SVMs with a tree kernel. Although the best(More)
Collocation and idiom extraction are well-known challenges with many potential applications in Natural Language Processing (NLP). Our experimental, open-source software system, called ICE, is a python package for flexibly extracting colloca-tions and idioms, currently in English. It also has a competitive POS tagger that can be used alone or as part of(More)
We focus on email-based attacks, a rich field with well-publicized consequences. We show how current Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology allows an attacker to generate masquerade attacks on scale, and study their effectiveness with a within-subjects study. We also gather insights on what parts of an email do users focus on and how users identify(More)
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