Shahrukh Khalid

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Auto-configuration protocols are used for assignment of unique IP addresses to nodes in Mobile ad hoc networks. Without the assignment of unique IP addresses, service provisioning between the nodes is not possible. Such protocols use various heuristics to ensure the uniqueness in IP address assignment; such aspects increase the overall complexity in MANET(More)
This paper proposes methods to allocate transmission usage for pool and bilateral market models in deregulated power industry. This paper focuses on creating an appropriate artificial neural network (ANN) to allocate transmission usage for pool and bilateral trades separately in a simpler and faster manner. The modified IEEE 14-bus network is utilised as a(More)
Presently employed Internet Protocol (IP) stack possesses number of architectural problems. The contemporary research direction for the improvement of present Internet architecture mainly focuses on the use of real identifiers instead of IP addresses for host identification in the network. However, the proposed architectures mostly discuss the(More)
—A number of data acquisition systems depend on human interface to access computer for measuring, processing and analyzing data and to prepare it for presentation and storage. Data acquisition software is installed on the computer and all intended operations are performed manually. The data acquisition software requires user intervention for operations like(More)
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