Shahrokh Safarian

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Logistic regression and artificial neural networks have been developed as two non-linear models to establish quantitative structure-activity relationships between structural descriptors and biochemical activity of adenosine based competitive inhibitors, toward adenosine deaminase. The training set included 24 compounds with known k(i) values. The models(More)
Kinetic and thermodynamic studies have been made on the effect of acetaminophen on the activity and structure of adenosine deaminase in 50 mM sodium phosphate buffer pH 7.5, at two temperatures of 27 and 37 degrees C using UV spectrophotometry, circular dichroism (CD) and fluorescence spectroscopy. Acetaminophen acts as a competitive inhibitor at 27 degrees(More)
The broad spectrum of the pharmacological effects of sulphonamide family of drugs motivated us to investigate the cellular mechanisms for anti-cancer effects of sulphathiazole and sulphacetamide on T-47D breast cancer cells. Fluorescent microscopy, flow cytometric analysis, caspase-3 activity and DNA fragmentation assays were used to detect apoptosis. The(More)
The inhibitory effects of acetazolamide on the growth and proliferation of epithelial breast cancer cells (T-47D) were investigated. Analysis of morphological changes indicated little apoptosis in T-47D cells incubated with acetazolamide, according to data from flow cytometry, DNA laddering, and expression of AIF. However, an increase in caspase-3 activity(More)
We have evaluated the effects of acetonitrile on the structure and function of bovine carbonic anhydrase II. The potential structural and functional changes in carbonic anhydrase in the presence of different acetonitrile/buffer ratios (0%, 17.5% and 47.5% v/v) were determined using a variety of methods. These included simple spectrophotometric methods to(More)
Widespread use of mobile phones has increased the human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). It is required to investigate the effect of EMFs on the biological systems. In this paper the effect of mobile phone RF (910MHz and 940 MHz) on structure and function of HbA was investigated. Oxygen affinity was measured by sodium dithionite with UV-vis(More)
The histidyl residues of bovine pancreatic ribonuclease A (RNase A) play a crucial role in enzymatic activity. Diethylpyrocarbonate (DEPC) is a potent inhibitor of RNase A, and its precise sites of action on the imidazole rings of the four histidyl residues of RNase A are not clearly defined. We have used a multidisciplinary approach including enzyme assay,(More)
Sulfonamide drugs mediate their main therapeutic effects through modulation of the activity of membrane and cytosolic carbonic anhydrases. How interactions of sulfonamide drugs impact structural properties and activity of carbonic anhydrases requires further study. Here the effect of acetazolamide on the structure and function of bovine carbonic anhydrase(More)
Alterations in expression of the DFF40 gene have been reported in some cancers. This study is an in vitro study of the therapeutic effects of gene transfer that lead to elevation in DFF40 expression within T-47D cells in the presence of sulfonamide drugs. In this study, we have constructed a eukaryotic expression vector for DFF40 and transfected it into(More)