Shahrokh Iravani

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BACKGROUND Blastocystis is one of the most common parasites, reported from both human and animals. This parasite is more prevalent in regions with low levels of hygiene, close contact with animal and unsuitable disposal systems. The aim of the study was to subtype Blastocystis sp., isolated from diarrheic and non-diarrheic patients using sequencing of 18S(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate reproductive endocrine profile, sperm chromosomal abnormalities, and semen quality in patients with chronic hepatitis C. PATIENTS, SUBJECTS AND METHODS In all, 82 patients with chronic hepatitis C, aged 18-60 years, were recruited for the study; 76 age-matched healthy male volunteers served as controls. All participants provided a(More)
Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis (IPA) is a fulminant and highly lethal infection of severely immunocompromised patients with a reported mortality rate of approximately 60%.1 Patients who are at considerable risk include those who are granulocytopenic due to bone marrow transplantation, those who are undergoing intensive cytotoxic chemotherapy for the(More)
BACKGROUND Evaluating the effects of a commercially available synbiotic preparation (contains both prebiotic and probiotic elements) on functional constipation in males. METHODS In a randomised controlled trial, a total of 66 adult men with functional constipation were equally allocated to receive a synbiotic mixture or a placebo. The synbiotic mixture or(More)
BACKGROUND Colorectal cancer is the third most common type of cancer in males and the second in females in Iran. Males are more likely to develop CRC than women and age is considered as a main risk factor for colorectal cancer. Prevalence of colorectal cancer has been increasing in Asian countries. AIM The object of this study was to determine the(More)
We evaluated the effects of opiate consumption on semen quality, sperm function, seminal plasma antioxidant capacity, and sperm DNA integrity. A total of 142 opiate addict men (group 1) were enrolled in the study and 146 healthy age matched male volunteers (group 2) served as controls. Two semen analyses were performed in all participants. Sperm chromatin(More)
Addiction to opium continues to be a major worldwide medical and social problem. The study addressing the association between opium consumption and serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level is lacking. We determined the effects of opium consumption on serum PSA levels in opium-addict men. Our study subjects comprised 438 opium-addict men with a mean age(More)
AIM To compare the conventional GI endoscopy and using general anesthesia during the procedure regarding the satisfaction and acceptance among Iranian patients. BACKGROUND Ability to measure and assess the patients' satisfaction with colonoscopy and upper endoscopy will improve the quality of health care provided by gastroenterologists and thus resulting(More)