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There is also another group of substancesrespiratory analeptics, which, like nicotine, act on the n cholinoreactive systems of the organism. The mechanism of action of these substances and that of nicotine is based on their ability to dilute nicotine abstinence during the period of stopping smoking. Substances of this type include cytisine and lobeline, as(More)
In the last decade, the importance of exploiting Chile’s Renewable Energy Sources (RESs) has increased significantly, as fossil fuel prices have risen and concerns regarding climate change issues grown, posing an important threat to its economy. However, to date, the advancement of Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) in the country has been very limited(More)
This article is study of Azerbaijan oil and gas industry. It illustrates the business climate, the impact of this sector on Azerbaijan’s economy including role of SOFAZ and highlights recent developments in the energy production and the main concepts of Azeri PSAs. Meanwhile, the article establishes the government policy by indentifying several factors that(More)
At the presen t t ime one of the most important applications of po lymers in medicine lies in the use of their solutions as p lasma subst i tutes . Polyvinylpyrrol idone has been widely used in p lasma-subs t i tu ted solutions [1]. For this reason synthesis of N-vinylpyrrol idone (I) copolymers with different physiologically active monomers is of(More)
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