Shahriyar Hossain

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Data integration plays a major role in modern Life Sciences research primarily because required resources are geographically distributed across continents and experts depend upon leveraging these digitally archived resources. The ever changing and exponentially growing digital archives pose a significant challenge for traditional data integration efforts(More)
Data intensive applications in Life Sciences extensively use the Hidden Web as a platform for information sharing. Access to these heterogeneous Hidden Web resources is limited through the use of prede-fined web forms and interactive interfaces that users navigate manually, and assume responsibility for reconciling schema heterogeneity, mediating missing(More)
Biologists are often interested to query published phylogenetic data for research purposes. PhyQL, a web-based visual phylogenetic query engine, can be quite useful on this regard. In PhyQL, we have implemented a data model and a visual query language to interact with hierarchically classified tree elements. To hide textual query submission, PhyQL provides(More)
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