Shahrin Md Ayob

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This paper presents a new switching method for cascaded multilevel inverter (CMI). The new method uses multiple non-sinusoidal signals as the modulating signal. The main advantage of using nonsinusoidal modulating signal is that it provides higher fundamental component but at the cost of having a numbers of low-order harmonics in its unfiltered output(More)
Particle swarm optimisation (PSO) algorithm is known for its easy implementation and has been empirically shown to perform well in many optimisation problems. Thus, it is expected to mitigate the computational burden associated with the solutions of non-linear transcendental equations relevant to problems related to power converter systems. This paper(More)
Power distribution networks are considered the main link between power industry and consumers and they are exposed to public judgment and evaluation more than any other section. Thus, it is essential to study power quality in distribution section. On the other hand, power distribution networks have always been exposed to traditional factors such as voltage(More)
In this paper, imperialist competitive algorithm as a computational method is implemented in MATLAB software to estimate monthly average daily global solar radiation on horizontal surface for some different climate cities of Iran. The experimental coefficients for Angstrom model have been calculated using imperialist competitive algorithm for all different(More)
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