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BACKGROUND The authors describe their experience with the retroauricular temporal flap in facial reconstruction. METHODS Twenty-two (20 females, 2 males) patients with composite tissue defect of various areas of the face have been esthetically reconstructed with a modified Washio flap. This flap is a good choice for facial reconstruction, due to its color(More)
INTRODUCTION Despite plasma phosphate imbalance being rare, it is a relatively common finding in certain subsets of burn patients. It may occur due to the burn itself or as a result of the treatment. Severe hypophosphataemia (<1.0 mg dl(-1)) is associated with a significant morbidity and a fourfold increase in mortality. In this study, the relation between(More)
BACKGROUND The thin and pliable skin of the neck is a region with multidirectional activity, and postburn scar contractures tend to form there easily. The supraclavicular flap is used to correct neck scar contractures. Its main vascular supply is the supraclavicular artery, and it can be harvested as either a skin pedicle flap or an island flap (vascular(More)
Congenital vascular anomalies most notably hemangiomas involving the lips, especially those which fail to regress, pose a difficult problem both for the surgeon and the patient. These lesions not only discolour the skin but may also distort the shape of the lip. When nonsurgical modalities fail to treat these lesions, surgery is chosen as the next viable(More)
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